Photography for Kids & Teens

boy with camera Welcome to our "Photography for Kids & Teens" articles, where you can learn how your camera works, how to take better pictures, and where to find interesting things to photograph.

We have tried to make the site useful and fun for both children and teens. Of course, some of you will be more experienced with using cameras than others, which is why we have included general advice as well as advice suitable for different ages and levels of experience.

Beginners and younger children/teens should start with the articles in:

  1. Photography for Kids & Teens
  2. Introducing Cameras for Children
  3. Photography Basics for Kids & Teens

When you have some experience and want to get a better, check out:

  1. Learn to take better pictures

Finally, when you think you are getting pretty good at photography and you understand all the basics, check out:

  1. Advanced Tips for Teens

Just remember, the advanced tips are written almost the same way as our articles for adults, so the language could be a bit difficult for some of you.

Finally, our tips under "What to Photograph" and "Taking Great Pictures" are written for everyone.

We will be adding more articles to our photography for kids and teens section all the time, so keep your eyes out for new stuff.

by Simon James Allanach, edited by Alan Frost
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